Friday, September 26, 2014

New Year, New Way of Doing Things

More than once I have questioned my decision to flip my Algebra classroom.  In theory, it sounds like an awesome idea, but 4 weeks in and students are starting slack off on watching the nightly videos.  They figure they can get buy with just following the examples in class.  We had to have a heart-to-heart this week.  I "threatened" to go back to a traditional classroom and give them "homework" problems and they all promised to watch the videos everyday.  We shall see...

Also, it is a lot of work.  I hate feeling "caught up".  I like to be ahead.  It drives me crazy that I am making the videos THE AFTERNOON the students are supposed to be watching them.  I got a few days ahead last week, and here I am "caught up" again.   Tonight's videos is made, but I have nothing for our next class.  I fear it will be this way all year.  What was I thinking...?

The other half of this story is that my class time is more engaging and students are enjoying the structure (or lack of structure).  That was one of my goals.  I'm tweaking a few things to make sure they are also learning effectively.  That's important, too.