Friday, March 27, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers

I learned something new about a favorite site of mine.  I found a year or so ago.  It has a ton of resources--some free, some for a small fee.  I've sent probably $20 of my own money to buy pre-made QR activities, foldables, or games.  I love the site.  Recently another teacher in my department was talking about selling her things on teachers pay teachers.  What I learned was that one of the requirements to be a "seller" is that your first product sold on the site must be "free".  That is why there is so much free stuff!  I love it.  This website has come through for me in a pinch more than once.  Literally this week I needed a review activity for Thursday.  Nothing exciting was coming to mind.  I wanted to get away from boring.  I can always think of boring.  So Wednesday I got on the website, searched for our topic, filtered the results to show only "free" downloads, and within a minute or two, I found an idea for a great review activity.  I downloaded the file, printed the copies, and was ready for the next day.  I don't always procrastinate, but when I do, I rely on the internet to save me!

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